The 16th Israeli Bioinformatics Symposium will take place on June 24th, 2014 at Bar-Ilan university.

IBS 2013 Prize winners for best posters:
Special Epigenetics prize in memory of Eran Cohen:
Asaf Zviran
(Yaqub Hanna's group, Weizmann)
Deterministic direct reprogramming of somatic cells to pluripotency.
Raphael Cohen (Michael Elhadad's group, BGU)
Towards understanding of medical hebrew.
Mor Lurie-Weinberger (Uri Gophna's group, TAU)
Contribution of lateral gene transfer to the adaptation of Methanosphaera stadtmanae to the mammalian gut.
Alon Diament (Tamir tuller's group, TAU)
Three-Dimensional Genomic Organization of Fungal Genes is Strongly Correlated with their Expression and Function.